Watch This Depressed and Neglected Bear Chained For 30 Years Finally Get It’s Freedom For The First Time

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In the winters, we humans like to cuddle up and ‘hibernate like a bear’.  Bears in the wild actually DO innately curl up and go to sleep for approximately 8 months!  Human beings know how terrible we feel when we lose sleep, but can you possibly imagine what it would be like to be robbed of a good night’s sleep for 30 years?!? If Fifi the bear could speak, she would tell you about the terrible impact of this loss.  As a cub, Fifi was purchased by the Pennsylvania roadside zoo. Usually the living conditions for any animal in any zoo are pretty terrible, this one however was particularly bad!

Forced to perform tricks for their shows for the first 10 years of her life, Fifi further suffered when the zoo would close, as they left her caged in a minuscule, rusty cage for over 30 years! It’s truly unimaginable what kind of adversity this poor creature had to endure for the majority of its life.

Fiji’s horrible neglect and torturous existence ended in July, thanks to the rescue by PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Robbed of her natural need to hibernate due to her imprisonment in that tiny cage for over 30 years, they found Fifi in a very deteriorated condition, with untreated arthritis. Fifi’s condition was almost to the point of no return.

Her condition was so bad that they had doubts about whether she would be able to regain a strong, healthy state. As you will see in the video below, Fifi’s rescue did allow her to slowly improve…. after 5 months at the sanctuary, you will witness what the miracle of good and loving care, will render. My faith in humanity has officially been restored!

Enjoy this wonderful story of recovery, and finally what a good sleep can do…Fifi is just awakening from her 30 year wait for a winter of hibernation in her cozy den! Even though this bear faced years of hardship it’s good to know it got a happy ending and there are still good people in the world!

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Bull Has Been Chained His Whole Life. His Reaction When He Gets A Fresh Bed For The 1st Time? WOW!

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It is always heartbreaking when animal abuse is revealed, making us wonder how human beings can be so lacking in compassion to enslave animals in horrible conditions. To torture any living thing is just

The flip side of hearing about such abuse, is that the story usually has a happy ending; such is the case in the video you are about to watch below. Bandit is a bull that has lived his entire life chained up in a narrow stable, along with 500 other cows, bulls and calves.

Thanks to the efforts of the Gut Aiberbichl farm animal sanctuary in Austria, Bandit and his other stable mates have been rescued from these harsh conditions. The footage you are about to watch shows Bandit’s exhilaration at his first moments of freedom. He prances and dances feeling the great feeling of the fresh hay beneath his feet.

After being transported to the sanctuary, we see him romping with such happiness. There is a moment when he sidles up to the man who saved him, which brought a tear to my eye; his gratitude for the man’s affectionate stroking and for his newfound freedom is palpable as he nuzzles up to his rescuer.

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Ducks Released From Rusty Cages After Years Inside. Watch Their Reaction To Water For The First Time!

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A hoarder had kept a group of ducks caged in pens for years, without sufficient access to food or water.  Thankfully they were rescued by the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary who came to the conclusion that these ducks had  never even been IN water. Imagine it’s like living on earth as a human and never breathing air.

After being brought back to health, the rescuers had plans for getting these ducks acclimated to what should have been their natural habitat.  As you will see in the video below, the saying that “they took to it like a duck to water”… well not exactly! But nonetheless it’s a true pleasure to watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat after years of neglect.

Watching this group of rehabilitated ducks experience water for the first time is at once, surprising and delightful. Ducks become “imprinted” to their mother as babies, following her in what looks like a choreographed formation.  They continue to follow each other in this group formation, as you will see…except when they encounter this strange thing called a pond.

Watch what happens in this uplifting footage below.  It will give you a great feeling all day!

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