Apparently THIS Simple Life Hack Will Air Seal Any Bag Of Chips With No Clip Necessary!

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Nothing is better than reaching into a bag of crispy chips or crackers when you’re really hungry and need a little snack to stave off the empty stomach pangs. That light, airy, crunchy taste and texture is so soothing and pleasing that it can even make your mouth water just thinking about it.

However, nothing is worse than when the chips hit your lips and instead of a satisfying crunch they mush down into a stale wad of grossness that you have to spit out. The feeling of limp, old snacks is an immediate appetite killer and one we have all experienced.

Plus, as if the taste wasn’t bad enough, you also end up throwing out the rest of the bag. Money and food gets wasted, all your snack hopes and dreams get crushed, and overall you’re left with a really bad taste in your mouth.

Part of why such a situation and the above scenario is so depressing is that it doesn’t have to be like that. By properly sealing and closing bags chips, crackers, cookies, and whatever tasty treats you open can stay fresh and crispy for much longer than not.

When someone fails to do that, they are asking for stale, wasted food. The most common way to avoid this is by placing a clip on the open bag to ensure it stays closed. Even a rubber band, clothespin, binder clip, or any similar type of object can be used to secure the bags opening.

For those times when you don’t have a clip of any sort nearby or available, you can always try this handy little trick to seal up an opened snack bag. Start by neatly rolling the top of the bag down over itself until you near the part of the bag where it is filled to.

Take each of the topmost rolled corners and fold them in about an inch or so towards the center. Using your fingers to hold the corners in place, turn the fold over itself in the opposite direction from which it was rolled down.

Refer to the video for a better idea of what I’m attempting to describe, but it’s basically similar to turning the fold inside out. Doing this will ensure that the bag stays closed and won’t pop open. Air is kept out and freshness is ensured for at least a few days, in some cases weeks, longer.

Be sure to check out the short video clip because it will come in handy at some point and help you (a lot) to avoid future chip issues. Also, don’t forget to spread the wealth and share it so that others know how to keep their snacks fresh for longer too!

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He Gives This Pig A Chip. After Watching Piggy’s Reaction I Can’t Stop Laughing!

All good pet owners know what tasty treats their little ones find irresistible. Animals will oftentimes eat anything, and whether they prefer the traditional biscuits or pieces of meat to something more exotic, comes down to an individual’s preference. One mini-pig in Palm Beach, Florida has made clear to everyone that his favorite food is potato chips.

The little piggy was captured on film by Hanna Balicki chomping down on crisps and squealing in delight. The noises that escape his tiny body are peculiar and funny all at once. It sounds like he is saying “nom, nom, nom, nom” as he eats the salty treats. When he is done with one chip he oinks and bellows for more. He is fed several more and quickly gobbles them up in sheer joy.

This pig’s guilty pleasure is pigging out on potato chips! While the video has drawn some criticism from people who think chips are an unhealthy and bad choice to feed a pig, they really need not worry. An Ohio State study found that “potato chips are the snack of choice for pigs…[and]… the chips provide the pigs with a higher energy diet.”

While that study was specifically done with potato chip scraps, people still need not worry. As long as the little fella is fed the high sodium treat in moderation he should be just fine. Plus, the pleasure the tiny porker takes in nomming on the chips makes him so lovable and happy! How could you not let him have his treats?

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