It Looks Like A Fairy Tale Doll House From The Outside. But When You Step Inside WOW!

There is big trend in real estate right now across the country with many people making the decision to buy tiny houses, that are 500 square feet or less. In the video below, you will see the most awesome tiny house ever.  It looks like a candy-colored house out of a fairy tale.  Nicknamed Ravenlore, this 176 square foot magical house is one of a kind.  This house is cool from the outside but once you see the inside you will be blown away.

This house was built by Jim Wilkins from Tiny Green Cabins.  It only cost $60,000 to build and only weighs 13,500 lbs.  Ravenlore runs totally off solar energy and is completely off the grid.  This tiny dream home is an absolute delight and is owned by Nicki Jo Davis from Savannah, Georgia.

Nicki wanted to downsize in a way that was completely unique and made her happy at the same time.  As soon as she saw the design she knew that it had to be painted bright green, purple, pink and blue.

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