Their Teenage Daughter Died In A Tragic Car Crash. When I Saw Her Last Text My Heart Broke!

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The video you are about to watch could very well change your life and the lives of those you love.  We have all become addicted to our phones.  Though we have been warned repeatedly about the dangers of texting and driving, people continue to do it, causing serious accidents that result in their own and other peoples’ deaths.

Although laws have been passed making texting and driving illegal in most places, people still think that they can look away from the road for a second to read or send a text.  Although this is more common among teenagers, it occurs amongst all age groups.  Although most people would never think of driving drunk, they will text, which statistically is just as dangerous!

The following footage is a mini-documentary sponsored by AT&T, in which friends and family talk about the tragic losses they have experienced, as a consequence of people texting and driving.  They share the last text that the person who died sent before crashing, and in all cases they were unimportant.

This is a must-see video to remind all of us, that no quick message is worth losing our lives over.  Listening to the grim reality of this terribly dangerous behavior, serves as such a necessary warning for all of us.  That one second of looking away can change lives forever.

Watch the video below and remember never ever text and drive!

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