She Died Because She Posted THIS On Facebook While Driving. Her Final Post Tore My Heart Up!

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We have all watched public service messages concerning the tragic results of texting and driving, or for that matter any form of distracted driving. Despite the warnings which equate this with the dangers of drunk driving, people still look away to communicate things with their friends and family, that can certainly wait until they are off the road.

The statistics bear out that the danger of texting while driving is actually not equal to drinking and driving; it is actually 6 times more dangerous than drinking and driving! It is an absolutely terrifying problem; despite the fact that using hand-held devices while driving is illegal in almost every state in the US, nearly 660,000 Americans attempt to use their phone while driving, at any given moment each day.

That is why reporting on Courtney Sanford’s tragic death, and others like it, continues to be so important. She was a beautiful 32-year-old young woman driving along in a great mood.

She felt the need to post on Facebook while driving to share the fact that listening to the song “Happy” on the radio, “made [her] feel so happy”. Ironically, this moment of happiness was the last communication of her life.

Looking away from the road for the 5 seconds it took to post on Facebook, driving 55 mph, Courtney went over the median and hit a recycling truck head-on.

The video you are about to watch below imparts the rest of this tragic story.

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