This Dog Just Noticed That She Silently Farted. Her Reaction Is Hysterical.

All animals pass gas, save for a few unique ones whose bodies lack a back door opening shall we say? According to a website called The Fart Facts, the top gas producing animals in descending order are termites, camels, zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, dogs, and humans. Out of all the many different types of dog breeds, it’s Labradors and Retrievers who pass the most gas overall.

While there’s no statistics on where German Shepherds fall on the list, judging by this video it’s safe to say they’re high up on it! The beautiful seven month old white German Shepherd’s name is Lucy and she lives with her loving owner, Kayla Eggers. The backstory to this clip is that Lucy was having a very gassy day. Perhaps it was something she ate or she wasn’t feeling that well, but her farts were apparently out of control.

Kayla was filming her stinky dog when she managed to catch Lucy’s hilarious reaction to one of her own farts! It was of the “silent but deadly” variety because we can’t quite hear it, yet the dog’s reaction says it all.

At about midway through the short 30 second clip is when Lucy lets it rip. Alerted to the noise, or maybe the smell, she decides to check out her rear end and that’s when she sticks her nose a little too close to the source for comfort. She takes a hearty sniff then proceeds to jump off the couch and move far away from the offending smell!

We all know the feeling, when you smell a foul odor all you want to do is run far, far away from it. Lucy is adorable and her reaction is spot on so check her out and pass this clip on to all of the gassy people in your life!

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