Mom Confronts Her Guilty Dog She Caught Red Handed Digging. He Denies His Guilt Hysterically.

Dogs and people have a lot in common, especially when they get caught doing something that they shouldn’t be. Have you ever noticed how people tend to act nonchalantly, like nothing is amiss or wrong, when they get caught re-handed? Well some dogs have that exact same type of reaction and the Golden Retriever in this video is the perfect example to back up this point with.

The adorable dog’s name is Jack and he loves digging holes in the lawn. The only problem with his destructive past time is that it’s not allowed and against the house rules! If he wants to dig holes in the ground he can do it anywhere else he desires, just so long as it’s not in the yard. However, some rules are meant to be broken, that’s what makes excavating craters in the lawn so fun in the first place!

One day Jack was outside digging holes excitedly and doing the one thing he wasn’t supposed to, when his owner Ali Wyland glanced out the window. When she caught sight of the naughty boy she mumbled something under her breath about him being busted and then reached out to open the door.

As soon as Jack heard the door beginning to creak open he immediately ceased all digging and dropped down to the ground. With no time to run or hide, he simply rested his chin over the shallow hole he had just begun to dig up. The look on his sweet face was priceless! He acted like he was up to absolutely nothing and if you didn’t know any better you’d think he was just taking a nap on the grass.

How could anyone be mad at that innocent face? Now that’s one smart, quick-thinking puppy!

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