What Is Your Most Dominant Personality Trait According To This Unique Color Blot Test? Find Out.

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It’s something that everybody has but it often differs dramatically from person to person. Others judge us off of it and are either drawn towards or repelled away from us because of it. Over time and throughout our lives it can be changed, cultivated, and grown. What is it? Personality!

The whole concept of personality is a loaded one. Each of our distinctly individual personalities is a complex mash up of all the many different characteristics, traits, quirks, and qualities that make us who we are. Some people have outgoing and social personality types whereas others fall on the shy side. There are funny people best known for their awesome sense of humor and serious brainiacs who are unbelievably intelligent. In between all of those extremes are the countless other types of colorful personalities.

Without personality as we know it, life would be boring and predictable. We’d basically all be extremely dull copies of each another, devoid of the wide array of emotions, experiences, and feelings that make the human experience so meaningful and diverse. Those things are what help shape our perspective of the world and everything surrounding us. As such, personality plays a huge role in the way we interpret situations and people and how we make decisions.

While the term personality is a blanket word for every attribute that makes us who we are, there can only be one dominant trait that stands out above all the rest. That is the personality trait that factors into your behaviors, perspectives, and interactions the heaviest and is what, in a sense, defines you.

This color blot quiz was designed to draw out your strongest, most dominant personality characteristic. It uses your visual perception and takes into account how you interpret a series of specific images to figure out your strongest trait. It’s based off of the Rorschach inkblot tests and by choosing the one word which best describes the colorful inkblot shown in each image you can easily uncover your dominant personality trait. Try it now and see if you agree with the results you get!

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