Video: Thief Starts Stealing From Someone’s Lawn. Moments Later He Gets Some Instant Karma.

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When it comes to personal and home security, nothing is more effective and reassuring than having a trustworthy, loyal, and protective guard dog by your side. Dogs can be extremely protective and aggressive when it comes to watching over their loved ones. They naturally sense danger and threats differently than how people do, instinctively picking up on it long before we become aware.

Oftentimes it’s our canine companions who warn us first by either barking or growling and they don’t hesitate to go after anyone who threatens their family or territory. Time and again you hear about stories of heroic dogs who stood their ground and saved their owners life because of it. The mere presence of some dogs is enough to make criminals think twice about targeting certain people or houses, which is something the man in this video failed to take into account.

The home surveillance clip starts out with a large man casually strolling up to someone’s fenced in and gated front yard. He swings open the closed gate and lets himself in as if he owned the place or was welcome there and then walks straight over to the side of the house where he proceeds to take random things. He piles what appears to be pieces of metal or bike parts on the sidewalk outside the fence, all the while taking his sweet time.

The thief has clearly cased the place out and knows what to grab but he failed to notice the security camera aimed directly at his uncovered face. He also didn’t pick up on evidence of the fact that two big dogs live at the address he’s stealing from. When they show up about halfway through the video, the dumb thief appears to be shocked and wastes no time running for the fence to get the heck out of there!

The two guard dogs who sent him packing are named Shelbie and Bonbons. As you can see, one of them is a giant Bull Mastiff and the other is a Shepherd. Those are two breeds that you don’t want to mess with because their bite is truly worse than their bark! Both dogs were on high alert, ears and tails pricked up, when they ran straight at the man with no hesitation. They are what a true guard dog looks like in action.

In the end, Shelbie and Bonbon are heroes. For the brazen thief in this video, all that it took was one look at the two big dogs headed straight at him to get him to run in the opposite direction. One thing is for sure, he won’t be stealing from this yard ever again!

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