He Had His Drone As A Tornado Developed. Instead Of Running He Flew The Drone Towards It Zoomed In Then It Gets Terrifying!

image via – youtube.com

When we think about the most powerful storms on planet earth what comes to your mind? Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Blizzards, Thunder and Lightning Storms, and of course Tornados! All these storms can be completely devastating to the surrounding infrastructure that they hit and can be fatal for plants animals and humans who get in the way. However the tornado destroys with laser like precision!

The day can go from a beautiful sunny day with not a cloud in the sky and then transform into a dark ominous funnel cloud from above in mere minutes. Being able to predict and warn people about approaching tornadoes is not a perfect and exact science. Although great technological advances in tornado prediction and storm chasing have happened over the past 30 years there is still a lot more for us to learn about these powerful and dangerous storms.

In the video below a man was flying his drone around when a tornado developed and touched down right near him. Instead of running for cover and getting as far away as possible he does the exact opposite. He takes his drone and flies it straight towards the dark swirling monster. As the drone gets closer and closer and zooms in things start to get really tense and terrifying.

Watch the footage below and get ready for some of the best Tornado footage you have ever seen in your life! Let us know what you think!

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