THIS Picky Pup Refuses To Eat Her Dry Food But Her Dad Comes Up With THIS Unexpectedly GENIUS Trick!

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Man’s best friend has just a few simple needs in life and they all revolve around eating. Whether a dog is playing, cuddling, or sleeping, when they hear the sound of dinner being opened and prepared, they come running. Some of the more voracious pup’s appetites appear to have no limits and they will scarf up any and all treats or food scraps thrown their way, then continue on to eat grass, rocks, and whatever else they come across.

In direct contrast to these hungry dogs are the rare few who have very weak appetites and are extremely picky eaters. This type of dog doesn’t get all that excited around dinner time and when a bowl of food is placed under its nose, it doesn’t dig right in. Instead, they sniff their meals hesitantly before pushing the morsels around a bit and maybe they take a few bites, then walk off unimpressed.

When a dog lacks an appetite or is just not at all interested in their dinner, what’s an owner to do? It’s definitely concerning, we all want whats best for our canine companions, and one man who was faced with this exact problem came up with an ingenious solution.

YouTube user Delaypat explained that he’d been having feeding issues with his dog Luna who falls on the very picky side of the eating spectrum. No matter what he did Luna would not eat and he tried all kinds of approaches to feeding her.

He offered her different types of food and presented it in all sorts of unique ways on plates and bowls before he finally found a method that worked. It turned out that Luna, a sweet and calm Golden Retriever, prefers to have her meals home cooked before she tucks into them.

The video Delaypat uploaded of their daily feeding ritual is quite impressive. In order to get Luna excited for dinner he first prepares her bowl of food and then calls her over to the kitchen. Once she’s present the show begins.

The bowl is placed in the oven, which is never actually turned on, and the timer is set for one minute. As her food “cooks” he excitedly remarks to Luna about how her dinner is almost ready, building up her anticipation to eat. Once the oven timer goes off the food is finally ready to be served.

That’s when Luna finally shows her excitement as she prances around while licking her lips, keeping her eyes on the bowl while trying to sniff at it. The moment it’s placed on the floor in front of her she digs right in.

There you have it, one truly excellent way to trick a picky dog into eating!

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