Everyday This Pup Waits For The Ice Cream Truck To Come. What He Does When It Arrives Is Priceless!

There is no mistaking the distinct sounding jingle of the ice cream man. You hear it before you ever see the slowly rolling truck coming down the street and when it finally does come into sight children go running towards it with cash in hand!

In Cardiff, England it’s not only kids who get excited at the sight and sound of the ice cream man, a special dog does too. His name is Reggie and he’s a three year old Staffordshire bull terrier who lives with his owner, Ryan James.

Reggie is just like any other normal and well adjusted dog except he has a sweet tooth. However, whereas most dogs would scarf up any tasty treat in sight, his palette is much more discerning. Reggie doesn’t like any old cake or pie, he only likes creamy, cold, freshly served ice cream.

Actually, if this video of his daily routine says anything about Reggie at all, it’s that he absolutely loves ice cream! Mr. James posted the clip to his personal Facebook page and since then it’s rocketed to viral heights. Over the course of about a week it’s racked up over five million views and it’s easy to see why, it’s adorable!

It starts off with Reggie getting the all clear signal to run over to the truck, which he wastes no time doing. When he reaches it he has to wait his turn because two young girls are already there, but it’s the sight of him sitting and waiting that’s the best part of the whole clip. You can just feel his excitement and anticipation as his tail wags back and forth at lightning quick speed.

The way he keeps alternating and raising his paws off the ground, it looks like he’s running in place! He’s very well-behaved and when it’s finally his turn the ice cream man hands him down a sugar cone filled with vanilla ice cream. Reggie gulps it down as quickly as caninely possible and there’s definitely no risk of it melting or going to waste!

According to Mr. James Reggie even has his own tab with the ice cream man and if he ever can’t find the dog he knows he’ll always be at the truck. While ice cream is his treat of choice, it’s not the only ones he gets. The neighborhood kids all know and love Reggie dearly so they spoil him rotten. He certainly is a sweet, gentle, special dog and the ice cream man’s best friend!

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