The Family Dog Begins Acting Super Strange. They Look Out The Window and Immediately Call 911!

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There is nothing in this world that will unconditionally love you more than a dog. Canine and Humankind has bonded into a mutual symbiotic relationship that has been evolving for thousands of years. The bond between these amazing species of animal and their humans is simply remarkable. Dogs have learned how to help people in almost everyway you could ever imagine. From service dogs, police dogs, sled dogs to family dogs their adaptation, loyalty, intelligence and devoted love to their pack/family are unmatched. This brings us to today’s featured canine tale.

Midnight a Beautiful Lab Mix followed her human Tim Cufman outside to git rid of the trash. Almost immediately her spidey senses began to tingle and she knew something wasn’t right! Before this day Midnight had not been much for security as a watch dog so Tim thought something really must’ve spooked Midnight and that there was something or someone out there who couldbe a potential threat to himand his family.

That night it just so happened to be during one of the ‘polar vortexes’ in Minnesota that year. The temperatures had dropped below 0 and being outside for a prolonged period of time could put you in grave danger. In fact, it was so cold in Minnesota that week that all public schools, public transportation, air travel. offices and even the postal office were closed until the dangerous freeze passed!

Tim had watched a report earlier that the freeze has already been fatal to 20 people. So his plan was just to get the trash to the bins and run back into his warm and cozy home. The problem was Midnight was going wild and was trying to get her human to follow him so he could see what it was. Eventually after Midnight wouldn’t give up, Tim decided to follow her outside to see if something was really lurking.

Little did Tim know, there wasn’t a threat out there, but he was actually going to save a person’s life!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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