‘Werewolf’ Is Seen Lurking On The Side of Road For Months. Finally Someone Confronts It and Spots The UNTHINKABLE!

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Fear of the unknown paralyzes many people in all walks of life. We have all been alone at our house, hear a strange sound and become absolutely terrified by what most likely is nothing at all. Many people, mostly children, but even some adults have a fear of the dark.┬áThe ominous presence darkness and not being able to see what could potentially be in the room strikes fear in the heart of many. Fear can cause many people to freeze and not be able to be brave in the face of a dangerous situation. Also if people are scared of something they tend not to approach it and will pretend it isn’t there and ignore it.

This brings us to today’s story featuring ‘Werewolf’ a mysterious canine who showed up one day on the side of the road in Mandara Ranchos California. From afar the canine looked imposing, scary and freaky and many residents of the area were aware of his presence but nobody had the courage to approach him.

His hair stood straight up, he looked completely disheveled, he was hunched over in an odd position and people really didn’t know what to do. Weeks then months had passed and around the town he began being referred to as ‘Werewolf’ because the residents didn’t know what type of creature he was or that he was actually very sick, injured and needed immediate medical treatment or else he would soon die.

Finally after months and months of the dog being there. A brave woman approached and realized that yes this ‘mysterious creature’ was in fact a dog and it happened to be a German Shepherd mix who had been abandoned, beat up, had scabs, bruises, scabies, broken tail and mange which all led to his scary and unapproachable appearance. This human angel immediately sprang into action put him in her car and drove directly to a veterinarian hospital.

The poor dog who had been suffering horribly for months finally was getting the help he so desperately deserved. The vet did an exam and the dog was so lucky that it was brought in when it was because he wasn’t going to make it much longer outside.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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