The Family Dog Wouldn’t Stop Whining While They Tried To Sleep. The Reason Would Save Their Lives!

The reason this dog wouldn’t let her owners sleep wound up earning her a big, fat, juicy steak. Jack Damrill thought his St. Bernard, Doree, was just trying to get attention when she wouldn’t stop whining. It was late, and the family was trying to sleep, but no matter how much he insisted she leave them alone and let them get some rest, she persisted.

When Jack thinks back to that fateful night, he recalls hearing the cats meowing loudly as well. I hope Doree shared her steak with them! Eventually, the human noses picked up what the animals had been smelling for some time: natural gas. Someone had left the burner on. The house was filled to the brim, a literal time bomb, ready to explode at any second.

Jack immediately called 911 and evacuated his family and devoted pets. The fire department responded, airing out their home and informing them of just how close to catastrophe they had come. If they had not been warned by their loyal pets, the entire house could have detonated, leaving nothing but smoldering rubble.

For Doree, it was well worth her trouble in the end. She got her delicious steak and lived to bark another day, not to mention how proud she gets to be for the rest of her life, having earned the one thing she loves most: the adoration and gratitude of her family! So remember to listen to your pets, because you never know when they just might save your life!

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