Guilty Pup Caught Red Handed By His Human. His Next Move Is An Unexpected Surprise!

Everyone reacts differently when they get caught red handed doing something that they know is wrong. Some people deny they are doing anything bad, regardless of how obviously caught they are. Others stop whatever they were doing, own up to their guilt, and apologize for any wrongdoing. And some just try to disappear and avoid any and all conflict.

That’s what one dog did when his owner came home and saw what a mess he made by going through the trash. The adorable white dog named Matzo had tipped the trash can over and spread it’s contents all over the floor. Matzo clearly knew he was in trouble and sat there looking guilty, waiting for his owner to start yelling at him. That was when he tried to remove himself from the situation and ever so slowly he began to move backwards.

His snail paced retreat worked wonders because his owner found it adorable and couldn’t help but laugh at him. Yet still, even after her tone changed, Matzo kept up his backwards scoot until he eventually almost disappeared behind a desk. It seems like“out of sight, out of mind” may have been the expression he was going for, in hopes of it ringing true.

The next time you get caught red handed and are about to get an earful try Matzo’s avoidance technique. All you have to do is remain quiet, look remorseful, and move backwards as slowly as possible until you are out of sight and (hopefully) safe!

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