Secret Trick To Picking Out A Ripe Watermelon This Year. I Wish I Knew About This Sooner.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are standing in front of a sea of watermelons, thinking about how delicious that crisp, flavorful red flesh will be when you cut it open. As you pick up a melon closest to you, your mind wonders to the delectable aroma that will waft into your nostrils as you take your first bite. You can almost taste the juicy goodness as the cool flesh melts on your tongue.

Then reality hits. You look down at the fruit smiling slyly at you, and then to the ocean of melons that all seem to be mocking you as you try to figure out which one might be ripe. You imagine the despair that will ripple through your very soul if you choose the wrong one, your knife cutting into rotten, mushy flesh. As the first tear runs down your cheek, you set the triumphant produce down and walk away, despondent.

But wait! Thanks to this knowledgeable grocer, we now have the skills required to pick the perfect melon, every time. Watch the video to find out how he uses the weightiness of the fruit, how it sounds when you knock on it, and the size of the yellow spot to determine which one is perfectly ripened for human consumption.

Do you have any other tricks for determining which fruit is ripe? Let us know.

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