For Years He Couldn’t Hear Because Of A Monster Blockage Of Earwax. When Removed It’s Oddly Satisfying!

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Oh the sweet satisfaction this man must feel at the end of this video! How many years did he live with this monster residing in his ear? How long was he unable to hear the delicate sounds of nature, how many times did his partner have to hear him say “what?” when he couldn’t hear a thing she was saying?

What relief he must feel now that the horror that lived in his ear is gone, an opportunity to hear the world once more.. Why is it that we love to watch disgusting videos? The bigger the pimple, the longer the ingrown hair, the more we want to watch it – often times repetitively. ”

It’s the same kind of thrill people get from, say, riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping – it activates the experience the typically comes with a real kind of danger while actually being protected from the harmful effects typically associated with those situations,” says Daniel Kelly, author of Yuck!

The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust. “Disgusting things tend to capture the attention pretty easily, and (surprisingly) it’s been found that people are more likely to pass along and tell their friends about something that’s disgusting versus something that isn’t.”

Nina Strohminger, author of The Hedonics of Disgust points out that “negative sensations are interesting, particularly when you’re in a context where they can’t hurt you. Sit back relax and feel the odd satisfaction of a man relieving the blockage in his ear! Enjoy the video!

Don’t try this at home!

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