No One Believed Her When She Described Her Guinea Pigs Morning Ritual. So She Caught This Video.

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Many people get their kids guinea pigs because they make wonderful pets, if handled with care that promotes bonding.  These furry little critters can be afraid of humans initially, until they learn to trust that they are safe. Once this trust is established they respond well, and can teach children how to care for animals in a wonderful way.

It has been noted that they are capable of responding to certain prompts, which can be a lot of fun in the bonding process. Also of note, is that guinea pigs are social animals who will be most happy if they are raised with, at the very least, one other guinea pig.

It is probably a good idea to watch two of them interact before bringing them home, to be certain that they get along.  In the video below, which you are about to watch, you will watch two guinea pigs who have clearly got their communication going on.  Hold onto your seat and get ready to watch their hilarious conversation!

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