This Guy Found an Emerald Over 800 lbs Then Hid Underground Scared Someone Would Take His Life

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Have you ever found something randomly that was super expensive? Did you try seeking out and finding the owner or did you just keep it? If you kept it did you try to sell it and were you lucky enough to find a buyer? These are all questions a person must ask themselves when they accidentally discover something of value and there isn’t anybody out there claiming it. Once you do make a decision about your what your are going to do with your big find there is usually a few more steps you will have to take.

Getting it appraised, finding a buyer and making sure you aren’t getting ripped off on your sale by a clever buyer. In today’s story we will be covering an amazing tale of a discovery so big it would forever change the lives of the man who found it and his family. This incredible find took place at the Carnaiba Mine in Bahia, Brazil. A man who has decided to remain anonymous due to threats to his life and safety of his family.

This guy who would preferred to be known only ‘FG’ was working for the The Bahia Mineral Cooperative which is essentially a crew of miners who are given the legal go ahead to mine specified areas of the region. When they went out to this area to mine none of them could ever imagine in their wildest dreams would they would soon accidentally uncover.

‘FG’ was wondering through the area when something caught his eye. He just had a feeling in his gut something special was very nearby. That’s when he found a giant emerald he would later find out would be 800 pounds, over 4 feet in height and worth over a whopping 300 million dollars!

‘FG’ knew that it would physically be impossible for him to excavate the giant emerald on his own and got a crew of 10 men to help him get this extremely expensive jewel out of the ground. He decided he would pay each worker a huge sum of money for the job, but at the end of the day he would be the one and only owner of this 800 pound emerald!

Besides for the near impossible unearthing then excavation  and then transfer of the emerald ‘FG’ had another huge obstacle he would face head on. In the local area of Bahia, Brazil if word got out that he was the guy who found the unspeakably large emerald, the safety of him and his family would be in serious jeopardy.

He anticipated this even before the emerald was taken out of the ground and got an obscene amount of security to protect him. He also has gone through great lengths to make sure nobody finds out his true identity so nobody would come looking for him.

He explained that he’s already had a large amount of offers to take the emerald off his hands for 100’s of millions of dollars. The stunning green emerald was over 200 meters deep in the ground and took over 7 days to completely get it out of the ground.

The mega sized gem is made up of over 180,000 carats of emerald. A lot of times when valuable stones like this are discovered they will be broken down into jewelry however since this ones size is so large it most likely will remain in tact and after it is sold could potentially end up in a museum for everyone to admire it’s beauty.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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