This Guy Places Colored Sand On His Special Table. When He Does THIS I’m Mesmerized

Auditory Synesthesia is known as the rare ability to see sounds. For most of us we can imagine what this would be like but for some musicians like Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder this sense is a reality. Meet musician Kenichi Kanazawa who has created an amazing apparatus which will give us some insight on what seeing sound is really like.

Kenichi uses colored sand and then sends pulses of sound frequencies through this specially designed table. The sand begins to to bounce around and form different shapes. As he changes the frequency so do the shapes of the san as they morph into the most beautiful perfect patterns!

The whole thing is beautiful and rather hypnotizing. It is really amazing to see visually what is going on inside our ears.  Imagine every time you are listening to any sort of music, vibration or any other sound this is happening inside of us. This demonstration completely blew us away and we knew we had to post it for everyone to see.  Enjoy!

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