THIS Guy Purchased DNA Genetic Tests For His Siblings But The Results Ended Up Destroying Their Mother!

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With advancements in modern technology multiplying, it is now incredibly convenient to find out personal information about your genetics. Recently, many people have purchased DNA kits either from the drug store or from services like These DNA kits can tell you many things such as family history, hereditary traits, and genetics odds of inheriting different diseases among others. One man thought these kits would be perfect for gifts for his family.

James saw a holiday deal on Ancestry DNA and decided to purchase a kit for each member of his immediate family. James wrapped each kit and brought them to the house where they were celebrating Christmas. Finally, the big day came. The family all gathered around the living room Christmas morning. It was time to open presents.

After several delightful gift exchanges, it was James’ turn. He passed around the boxes and everyone began unwrapping. Then, he got an unexpected reaction. His mom gasped and dropped the box. She then began attempting to convince the family not to do the kits. Finally, she stormed out of the room to the second floor, her husband following in her wake. The whole family waited in tense silence as they heard yelling from upstairs.

Finally, James’ parents came downstairs. They seemed calmer as if they had come to some kind of consensus. His mom explained that her sons and daughters were actually from two different fathers. She had a previous husband who had died before the family had known him.

He had fathered the sisters in the family. Then, James’ mom found her present husband who had then fathered the sons of the family. It turned out Christmas wasn’t ruined at all. The family had a long conversation about their history and got even closer as a result.

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