This Guy Puts Vinegar In This Old Pup’s Ear. The Reason? I Had No Idea

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If you have a dog who often suffers from itchy, dirty, smelly ears, then you know how disheartening it can be to watch them constantly scratch and whine in discomfort. A lot of dogs and particular breeds, such as spaniels and retrievers, are prone to developing ear infections.

The most common cause is dietary and too much grain or sugar in their diet can trigger food allergies and result in yeast building up in the ears. Another potential cause is lifestyle and how much time a dog spends outdoors and in the water can increase the chance for infection.

That’s because dogs who are outside a lot have greater exposure to grasses, spores, pollen, and other allergens in the air. Dogs who swim more are likely to get water in their ears and excess moisture in a dark, warm place like the ear is the perfect spot for yeast and bacteria to grow.

Finally, there is always the potential that your dog has ear mites and if you suspect that to be the case, it’s best get them veterinary attention.┬áTo treat and clean your dog’s itchy ears at home, try this simple and inexpensive method. It’s a safe, all natural solution that will help alleviate their symptoms.

All you need to do is mix together equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled water. You don’t need a lot, just enough to fill a dropper or syringe with about 10-20 drops. When administering the solution, it’s very important to never place anything inside your dog’s ear canal.

Instead use a dropper or syringe to hover right above the ear opening and place about 10 drops in the ear. Immediately afterwards, gently massage and rub the ear in a circular motion, reverse direction a few times, and remove your hand. Your dog will probably shake his head after and will love the soothing relief that the simple mixture provides.

As with any home health treatment, you should always consult with your pet’s veterinarian first before administering, just to be safe. Also, if your dog’s eardrums are, or could be, perforated and/or punctured do not use this treatment. The man in this video checked with his vet first and had the method he goes over approved.

His adorable and very relaxed dog has had a problem with ear infections his whole life. The man noticed early on that the itching and pain were driving his dog crazy and he soon found that the apple cider vinegar and water solution works best at alleviating the dog’s urge to itch and scratch.

He also uses a 50/50 ratio mixture and demonstrates how he cleans his dog’s ears safely and properly, as advised by his veterinarian. His easy-going dog appears to know what’s coming as she lays down on her side patiently waiting for her treatment.

He drops in the solution and then rubs her ears, wiggling them all around to loosen up the crud. He does a few extra things, like sticking a cotton ball in her ear and it’s kind of graphic when he pulls it out, so be forewarned. Check it out to see the rest and how he does it.

Hopefully this treatment can be of benefit for a lot of dogs out there who are suffering from itchy, uncomfortable, dirty ears. Ask your vet if it’s the right thing for your dog and they give you the green light, try it out!

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