This Guy Starts Blow Drying A Dark Banana. But The Reason Is Brilliant!

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Bananas often ripen faster than we ever expect. In just a matter of days they can go from slightly green to golden yellow before eventually turning brown. Then the rotten looking black peel sets in and the banana becomes completely unappetizing in appearance.

Even though from the outside it looks spoiled, the inside is actually still perfectly edible and good to eat. However, many people remain apprehensive about consuming rotten looking fruit, but now there is a way to salvage the outer peel and reverse the effects of banana aging.

In just over an hour you can give a banana a “face lift” and make it look totally new and fresh again. Read on for how to do it! Grab a resealable plastic bag and pour some white rice into it. Place the spoiled looking banana into the bag and shut it, being sure to remove as much of the air as humanly possible.

Adjust the bagged banana so that the rice is distributed all around and then let it sit undisturbed for at least an hour or so. The rice will remove the excess moisture from the banana without altering it’s taste or anything else. It is basically the banana equivalent of placing a cell phone in rice to get it to work again after you somehow got it all wet, or accidentally dropped it in a toilette.

The next step is to remove the banana from the bag so you can blow dry it! Yes you have to blow dry the rice soaked fruit now. Place the blow dryer on a warm or medium heat setting. You do not want too hot or cool air because then this won’t work, so if you must simply alternate, on and off, from the hot to the cold setting to get a medium-warm temperature.

Work the blow dryer quickly all around the banana and watch as the brown or black colors on the peel melt away and disappear. It should fade away after a few seconds of drying and the banana will turn back to a healthy shade of yellow. When the color is restored you can peel it open and enjoy the sweet, tasty fruit inside.

Even if you don’t eat bananas or don’t mind if they are spotty and brown, this is a cool trick to know. I was impressed that you could even do this in the first place and thought it was neat. It’s a great way to save fruit that otherwise might not get eaten. Try it the next time your bananas get yucky looking!

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