At First It Looked Like He Was Just Walking His Dog. When I Looked Closer It Tore My Heart Up!

Craig Mosher wakes up every day bright and early to go on a quarter mile walk with his best friend in the world, a gentle and loving pit bull, named Loois. For them, the daily walks are not just an opportunity to get fresh air and exercise, but also part of a vital routine Craig has devised to keep his beloved pet happy and healthy.

Loois is a paraplegic dog who lost the use of his hind legs after a 2004 surgery. He had been in pain his whole life leading up to the operation because he had an extra vertebra that prevented his spinal cord from moving correctly.

During surgery to remove the extra bone it somehow broke and the doctor accidentally touched his spinal cord which ended up paralyzing him. Craig was determined to not let this sad turn of events negatively impact him or Loois so he devoted himself to ensuring that his dog stays active, healthy and moving around.

To keep Loois in tip top condition Craig takes him for walks everyday using a special harness that supports the dog’s rear legs. With Craig holding the harness up beside him, Loois is able to walk forwards on his front legs. The walks are all about the dog and Craig says that Loois really walks him and that they both love it.

Afterward, they head to the garage to play baseball. Loois is hooked up to a tram his owner and a friend improvised and positioned so he is standing on all four legs, with the overhead hook helping to support him. Craig then squeezes a certain part of his tail which makes Loois go up and down.

The two do 80 repetitions of the exercise which helps keep the muscles working and toned. Once that is out of the way the pair move on to play a fun game of fetch. Craig throws tennis balls and Loois chases after them by pulling his rear-supported legs along the overhead tram. It is heartwarming and awesome to see that both are not letting any handicap limit the things they can do together.

Through it all the love and dedication shown in the video is mirrored by Craig’s tone of voice and attitude. He is positive and reassuring about Loois and clearly committed to doing whatever it takes to give his dog a long and happy life. These two are truly each others best friend and their story is an all around uplifting and memorable tale.

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