Hidden Camera Caught This Cat By The Pool. But Wait Till You See Who Sneaks Up Behind Him!

This clip perfectly captures three well known characteristics that cats often display:

1. They are very curious creatures!
2. Felines are easily spooked!
3. They really hate getting wet!

The home surveillance video from a camera overlooking a backyard swimming pool caught a little black cat staring off into the water. The kitty was perched carefully at the edge of the pool, completely focused on the task at hand, and appeared to be mesmerized by something in the water.

Seconds later he is joined by another black cat who strolls into view. The second kitty notices his brother is looking intently at something and heads over to check it out. His presence, still unknown to the first cat, startles the poor little guy and he suddenly freaks out, jumps up, and falls right over the side into the pool! The soaked cat wastes no time in clawing his way out of the pool and back onto dry land before bolting off to safety far away from the water.

The moment clearly shows that if there’s anything that almost all domestic cats universally hate, it’s getting wet. They seem to go absolutely nuts whenever they have to take a bath or end up in the water. Some cats even loathe getting their paws just a little damp, never mind having their fur completely soaked. Felines are also naturally curious animals who are known to become easily frightened, hence the term “scaredy cat.” The two hilarious kitties in this short video are no exceptions to the rule, check out their hilariously adorable antics and share this with the cat lovers in your life who would appreciate the clip!

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