He Asks His Bulldog If He Wants To Sit On The Couch. The Pup Then Throws a Hysterical Tantrum.

Dogs love sitting on couches and who can blame them? Sofas are basically like big, soft, comfy beds to them. Plus, they see people sitting on them and naturally assume they’re also allowed to jump right on! Even if a dog knows that they’re not allowed on the couch they always try to either sneak in a little nap as soon as you leave the house or beg until you give in and let them up.

One adorable French Bulldog named Alice always chooses to go with the latter method, mainly because her legs are too little and short to allow her to jump up in the first place. Her owner posted a clip of her antics online and other than being cute as can be, she also has quite a uniquely strange sounding puppy-dog whine! This is something you just have to hear for yourself so if you want to smile check it out and listen to Alice’s adorably odd voice.

If you can’t get enough of French Bulldogs you’re not alone because they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. In America they rank sixth among pet dogs according to the American Kennel Club’s 2015 dog registration numbers. Their cute, wrinkly faces with the adorable pushed in noses are hard not to love and their small size makes them more appealing for city and apartment dwellers. With their friendly, sweet, and non-aggressive nature it’s easy to see why French Bulldogs are so cherished and beloved by countless people!

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