His Human Imitates His Dog’s Every Move. Dog Decides To Throw The Funniest Fit Ever.

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Have you ever noticed how many pet owners seem to resemble their beloved animals in one way or another? They tend to share certain attributes in common with one another, whether it’s similar appearances, mannerisms, attitudes, personalities, or something else. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many of us are drawn to the pets that we end up sharing our lives and homes with.

While animal/human similarities are usually understated and not so obviously clear, the man and dog in this video are the complete opposite of that! Oscar Filho was playing around one day with his friendly dog when he decided to imitate the adorable Boxer’s every move. The handsome dog’s name is Mel and he is quite the rambunctious, fun loving, energetic, and playful type of dog that his breed is known for being!

The clip starts of pretty silly with Oscar comically imitating Mel’s facial features and expressions as the two beg for food and gently roughhouse on the floor. The poor dog seems confused yet delighted at the odd behavior his human friend is suddenly displaying and doesn’t quite know what to make of it. That’s why he decides to throw an absolutely hysterical fit as he enthusiastically barks and nudges Oscar repeatedly with his big furry head! But Oscar keeps it up and nudges right back, copying his dog’s every move.

As the video moves further along it appears as if Mel begins to calm down a bit and it’s almost as if he has finally come to accept Oscar as a fellow canine companion. The two of them officially join forces and by the end of it all they are like their own strange, weird dog pack barking, begging, and whining in unison. Dog’s really are man’s best friend, and vice versa!

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