This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Drink 1-3 Tbsp Of Virgin Coconut Oil Per Day For A Month

I know, I know….You are constantly seeing posts that either warn of some unseen or unknown danger that has been lurking in your world forever, that you’ve had no idea about.  OR, alternatively, there is a post claiming some ‘superfood’ that will change your life and health forever!  I get the cynicism of some who read these things, and question their veracity.

However, it is important to screen through the nonsense, and filter out what is important health information and what is fluff.  One way to decide what is worth paying attention to, are longitudinal studies that have been replicated to show significant benefits of a true ‘superfood’.  One such food, that has been experimentally validated in human studies, is COCONUT OIL.

Although, for some time, coconut oil was thought to be tainted by the fact that it contains 90% saturated fat, new studies have shown that SOME SATURATED FATS DON’T CLOG ARTERIES.

The ones found in coconut oil, unlike those found in cheese or red meat, are metabolized differently due to their health-promoting, unique combination of fatty acids.  It has been shown to have profound effects on brain function and disorders such as Alzheimer’s, as well as other significant health benefits.

You will hear in greater detail, about these stunning health benefits, in the video you are about to watch below.  When the fatty acids found in coconut oil are broken down into enzymes, they have the capability to: PREVENT and TREAT CANCER; PROVIDE ENERGY BY STIMULATING THE THYROID, which in turn burns more calories.

This fact as well as the way the saturated oils are broken down into ketones, REDUCES HUNGER which further results in WEIGHT LOSS. It PREVENTS HEART DISEASE, as the oil contains 50% Lauric Acid which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and prevents infections.  It protects the heart by preventing high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure.

The video goes on to discuss coconut oil’s ability to IMPROVE DIGESTION, CURE UTIs and KIDNEY INFECTION and PROTECT THE LIVER.  It kills harmful bacteria in the mouth which has a significant benefit to DENTAL HEALTH.

These results certainly give food for thought as to why we, in the Western world, do not have coconut as a staple in our diet.  Certain cultures, particularly in the South Pacific get 60% of their calories from coconuts.  One such population, the Tokelauans, have statistically significant better health, and NO EVIDENCE OF HEART DISEASE.

After watching the video, which will discuss the mechanisms of how coconut oil offers these health benefits in greater depth, let us know whether you will attempt to make it a greater part of your diet.

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