Kitty Smells His Feet Realizes He’s Made a Huge Mistake. Looks At The Cam And Makes The Funniest Face Ever!

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There is nothing like fresh laundry coming out of the wash. Warm, cozy and smells so lemony fresh. One of the only perks of doing laundry is that few seconds of the chore that you get that lemony fresh of breath air. I don’t know about you but for some reason it is one of my favorite scents in the world. Many animals across the planet love to smell their owners socks, whether they are freshly washed or the stankiest of the stank dirty socks.

I know that my dog and my cat both love smelling feet. Doesn’t matter if they are clean or dirty them feline and canine snouts are always sniffing feet. Which brings us to today’s ridiculous video. It features an innocent kitty who really had no idea what he was getting himself into, clearly completely innocent. The co-star is his human, Mr. Smell my feet kitty what’s that smell like go.  He shall remain anonymous!

So lets start from the beginning, the innocent feline was simply happy his human was home and he could finally rub his head and bake biscuits on his humans feet. Little did he know, his sneaky human hadn’t changed his socks in 3 days! Within seconds of the cat’s sniff, the feline realizes he has made a huge mistake. He looks up at the camera that mr. stink socks was filming with.

He then proceeds to open his mouth with the face of the most disgusted creature that has ever walked on god’s green earth. Never in my life have I seen such emotion and agony at the smell of a pair of stinky socks! This kitty’s reaction to these smelly feet has made it’s way into legendary status in the hall of fame of all kitty videos across the wicka wicka wild wild web!

Watch the video below, it will totally make your day! Let us know if you have ever seen a face like this in the comments.

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