This Lady Begins With A Normal Piece Of Paper. But After She Makes A Few Folds Brilliant!

If you find buying paper bags to be a waste of money, but want or need a decorative gift bag, make it yourself! You can custom make one out of newspaper, magazines, craft paper, decorative paper, wrapping paper, or whatever else you may have lying around. If you require something sturdier than a plain old brown bag then this Innova Crafts video tutorial is perfect for you! I tried to distill the information into the description below, but for optimum results watch the video to see the step by step method used.

For this craft project you will need your choice of paper, glue, and some ribbon. To begin, fold the paper in half length-wise to see where the middle is, but do not crease it. Then, fold the sides in so that they meet at that middle point, with one of them slightly overlapping the other. Take a glue stick and apply glue to the edge that overlaps, then press it firmly together.

Fold the bottom of the paper upwards so that the folded part is about 3 fingers wide and crease it firmly. Open up the fold at the two bottom corner edges and press down on each side, so it looks similar to origami, then crease down the 4 triangles that should have formed. Now fold the top half of this bottom part you are working on down so that it reaches over the middle portion by 1cm.

Do the same to the bottom half, folding it up and over by 1cm. There should be 2 diamond shapes on each side of the bottom section you folded at this point. Unfold the last two parts you did, glue each corner, and refold. Turn the paper 90 degrees so it’s on its side and fold the bottom edge up to meet the corner crease, like an envelope, and do this to the opposite side as well.

Now unfold the last two side folds you just did, pick up the paper, and open the top part as you would any old paper bag. Go around the bag creases and scour them into place, folding them in the opposite direction as the original folds, and check to make sure they are all in place and firmly defined.

At this point, you should have a regular looking paper bag! Take the top part of the bag and fold it under and over itself several times, like an accordion, then pinch the center while fanning the sides up and out into the shape of a bow. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the center of the bag so that it runs through the pinched-area of the bag’s built in, fanned out bow.

Tie the ribbon into a pretty little bow and adjust it upwards so that it meets the paper bow part. You’re done! Be sure to watch the video for more information and remember to share the knowledge and love. Happy crafting and enjoy!

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