This Mom Was Sick Of Her Son Ignoring All Her Calls. Her Solution To The Problem Is Brilliant!

If you own a cell phone it is almost 100% likely that you are guilty of ignoring certain phone calls. Whether it is a friend, family member, employer, or an unknown number, we all screen our calls and actively ignore some of them. In this day and age of caller id and almost constant mobile connectivity, it is easy to look at the phone screen, see who is calling, and let the voice-mail pick up the call instead of answering it.

However, those who are trying to contact a person who is ignoring them often know what is going on and that they are likely being ignored. This has led to innumerable fights, hurt feelings, anger, and overall, frustration. Parents are especially irked when their kids ignore their phone calls. Mothers and fathers often call just to check in with their kids and to make sure they are safe. They want to be aware of who, where, and what their children are doing and if they plan on being home for dinner.

One mother who was fed up with trying to get a hold of her son, and constantly being ignored, decided to put an end to it. She devised an app, called “ignore no more,” which allows a parent to lock their kids smartphone until they call back and check in.

Once it ‘s installed and activated the app restricts the child’s access to nearly everything on the phone. They cannot play video games, go online, download, play music, use any other apps, or call anyone else except for those on a preset list and 911. Once they check in with mom or dad they can get the password that will then unlock their phones back to normal.

The high tech answer to a frustrating problem is relief for worried parents and an annoyance for their kids. However, the least kids can do to help ease their worried parent’s minds is to timely return their calls. After all, mom and/or dad are likely footing the bill for the expensive smartphones and got them in the first place to stay connected with their kids.

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