This Lady Scoops A Few Different Batters Into A Bowl. When She Removes It From The Oven WOW!

There is nothing in the world that makes people happier than a beautiful cake.  Especially when it is for a party, it can change the whole vibe of the get together just by its mere presence.  Nothing brings people together than a delicious cake that is almost too beautiful to eat. In the following video you will learn how to chef up a cake that your guests will remember forever. I know I will never forget this delicious recipe.

The outside of this Zebra Cake really pops with it’s bright colors and strong contrasts.  But the best part about this cake is the inside, which kicks the whole thing up a notch.  When designing a Zebra Cake you can go with the traditional black and white.  Or you can take a walk on the wild side and add pink like she does in the video.  Also if you did orange it would transform from a Zebra to a Tiger Cake.

This recipe is something I will definitely be trying out.  I can’t wait to experiment with different color schemes to produce a unique dessert experience for my guests at the next party. Are you going to try this out? Let us know!

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