They All Laughed At Him When He Made A Vow To Marry Her In Pre-K. But Wait Until You See The Guy Now!

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Matt Grodsky was all of three years old when he first met Laura Scheel in preschool, but he knew from the moment he saw her that she was the one.  The two quickly became inseparable and they formed a very special bond at the Phoenix, Arizona school they attended. Even outside of the classroom the two spent all their time together, playing and laughing, they even spent weekends with one another.  

While everyone knew that the two were best friends, they didn’t know how serious Matt was about Laura.  Then one day he stood up in the middle of class and said that he loved her and would one day marry her. Of course no one took him seriously and the whole things was brushed off as a cute childhood moment.

As they grew up Matt and Laura slowly grew apart.  By the time they reached kindergarten they were attending separate schools, but they nevertheless worked hard to remain close.  With each passing year they drifted further apart as they met new friends and experienced different things. When they entered high school they had lost touch but were still on each other’s minds.

One day Laura had been scrolling through her friends contact list when she saw Matt’s name on her cell phone.  After telling her friend all about their history, the mutual friend set Laura and Matt up and re-introduced them.  It felt just like old times and within two weeks they were seriously dating. For the next four years they were together but when it came time to go to college, they ended up at different schools yet again.  While Laura stayed in state at Northern Arizona University, Matt moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College. This time they vowed to remain close no matter what and promised to not let anything get in the way of what they had.

Before long Matt had finally had enough.  During the summer after they had finished their junior year of college, he invited Laura on a picnic to the spot where they had first met all those years ago, at the preschool.  After they had finished eating Matt surprised her by getting down on one knee and asking her to marry him! She said yes and in December 2016 the couple were finally married, bringing their tale of true love full circle.

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