Boy Starts His White Belt Test In Taekwondo But His First Move Makes Everyone Burst Out Laughing!

Cuteness overload. This little boy is so dedicated to his testing in Taekwondo! The instructor gently guides him to success by allowing the little martial artist as many attempts as necessary to break a perforated board in order to obtain the rank of a white belt and subsequent pride.

The boy practices his kick a few times before the board is placed before him, and with heartfelt hiya’s he repeatedly tries his moves to accomplish the classic snap with his feet.

When the board doesn’t budge, the boy hops on top and jumps up and down. Trying not to laugh too much, his teacher encourages him to re-establish his proper stance and perform the kick correctly. The master reminds the boy that if he doesn’t break the board, he will not receive the impending belt.

After several more attempts, the very kind mentor points out the exact line where the boy can place his foot to get the board to fold.┬áThe audience in the room is dazzled as they giggle and awe at the boy’s performance.

He refuses to give up and remains focused on the task at hand until he has achieved his goal. With one final wind up and oomph of determination, he manages the perfect strike and at last, the board buckles under the force of his foot. The room is filled with cheers and after being presented his well earned belt, the boy skips away with dignity and delight.

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