When This Man Broke Open The Suitcase He Revealed Something The TSA Never Wanted Us To Know!

When it comes to traveling the main advice given is for people to protect their stuff.  This used to mean, keep your wallet and traveler’s checks in a safe spot so a professional pick pocket doesn’t swipe your goods.  But, recently things have changed now that the TSA goes through every piece of luggage that comes through the airport.  Travelers now have to be much more conscientiousness since strangers are going through everything they have.

Back in 2012 a TSA worker confessed to stealing over $800,000 dollars from travelers suitcases.  The scarier part about all this, is that he admitted that many other TSA workers were also stealing stuff and it has become pretty much the norm.

So what are we supposed to do to protect ourselves?  First, watch this video which will give you a few tips and tricks that will ensure the TSA workers and baggage handlers can not get into your luggage and steal your valuables. Did you have any idea this was going on at such a large scale?  Will this change how you pack for your next trip?  leave a comment below.

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