Man Confronts These 2 Ladies Stealing His Stuff at The Beach. Then Chaos Ensues!

What goes around, comes around. If you do good things for others, good things will happen to you, and the opposite rings equally true as well. Two women learned this karmic lesson the hard way when they decided to do something terrible to a fellow beachgoer.

It all happened a few years back on the fourth of July at New Smyrna beach in Florida. A man who only wishes to be known as “Rich” was on vacation relaxing in the sunshine state with his young family. They came prepared and had set up a sweet spot on the beach complete with beach chairs, a canopy, and plenty of toys to keep the kids busy.

After a long day in the sun Rich’s young sons were burned out and so he and his wife decided to take them back to their room for a nap. They left their belongings at the beach and after about an hour and a half he returned to check on their stuff. When he arrived back at the beach he saw two middle aged women breaking down his canopy and nearby all of his chairs had been placed in his beach cart.

At first he assumed the women were doing him a favor and packing up his stuff so the beach patrol wouldn’t remove it. After all, it was a super busy day and with the beach crowded to the max, space was limited. However, the thought that perhaps the two women were stealing his stuff also crossed his mind and so he decided to confront and record them on camera just to be safe.

As he approached the women he inquired if the canopy belonged to them and one responded saying that it did, but that they didn’t know how to break it down. Then he asked if they needed help, to which one said ‘do you know how to do it?’ and he replied ‘yeah, this is our stuff.’ That’s when it dawned on the two thieves that they had been caught red-handed and were face to face with the rightful owner of the items they were in the middle of stealing!

Rather than give in or admit defeat, the two women switched gears and pretended to be confused. They looked around at all the stuff as if they had made an honest mistake and really did believe it was their own. One even pointed to his son’s toy laying in the sand off to the side, but their stalling and terrible acting were getting them nowhere. At this point Rich was ready to let them go and not make a big deal about it. He was just happy that he’d interrupted their crime and still had his stuff.

However, the women were not so easy going and when they noticed he was recording them they lost their minds. One lunged at him and ended up chasing him around the beach in her vain attempt to grab his phone. Their angry, aggressive reaction shows just how guilty they truly were and thankfully Rich recorded it all for the world to witness!

As for karma, the clip has been viewed well over fourteen million times and counting on YouTube. The ladies were named and shamed and it’s safe to say they won’t be trying this stunt again anytime soon. Check out the brazen thieves in action and see if you would have been so cool, calm, and collected like Rich was!

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