When I Realized What Type Of Animal Was Herding These Sheep I Could Not Stop Laughing!

When you live on a farm there is always work to be done.  When you happen to be a little bunny rabbit there are only a few things that you could possibly do.  After watching his canine friend herd sheep, Champis, a 5 year old dwarf rabbit, took it upon himself to keep the flock together.  The pet rabbit’s unique skills were captured on camera by sheepdog breeder Dan Westman who noted that Champis does the task better than some dogs he has seen over the years.

In the video the bunny hops back and forth around the sheep making sure that none stray off.  If they happen to get too close to the gate where they could possibly escape Champis stops them.  His owners, Nils-Erik and Greta Vigren, own a farm near Kal in Sweden.  They are grateful for their pet bunny’s contribution to the farm and marvel at his skills.

On the other hand, the sheep seem to be quite wary of the furry little rabbit and follow his every command.  They keep in a small, tight pack and definitely see Champis as their boss.  The odd animal behavior is adorable and even the dog seems to enjoy having Champis there to help him out.  He may just be the most active, happy and free pet rabbits I have ever seen.

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