When You Mix Alcohol With Normal Sharpies The Results Are STUNNING!

If you’re looking for a cool and easy craft idea, or some unique colorful pictures to liven up a space, then check out this video.  YouTube channel SoCraftastic uploaded the tutorial which features artwork done primarily with Sharpies, or any permanent marker, and rubbing alcohol.  There are 4 different techniques covered and each attains certain results.  Each one turns out looking awesome and, best of all, they don’t require that you be a highly skilled fine artist.

The Sharpie watercolor technique is the first covered.  Take a sandwich bag and color on it with a marker until there seems to be a lot of ink on the bag.  Fill up a dropper with rubbing alcohol and squeeze some onto the marker/bag.  Mix it all together with a paintbrush and then you can paint it on canvas as you would with watercolors.

If you add in more rubbing alcohol it gives you lighter hues that are more faint and after about 5 minutes it should be dry.  Next is the tie dye technique, which works best with neon colors.  Start by drawing a star-burst, then extend it out in layers with different colors until the entire canvas is filled.  Take a dropper of alcohol and drip it onto different parts of the canvas.  It will spread the ink out and overlap the colors into a nicely blended smear.

The third is the crayon melting technique, which requires only the top portion of the canvas be colored.  Mix up and alternate colors in any way you desire, the video shows rainbow, and you can color over onto the side as well.  Prop the canvas upright and drop alcohol onto the top colored portion, making sure to let it run down the canvas as if it melted and dripped down like wax.

Last up is the galaxy-esque style.  Draw stars on duct tape and cut them out (or use stickers) then place them down before you add any ink.  Color all over the canvas, with different colors here and there, then add in some black spots.  Prop the board upright and drop on alcohol so it runs down.  Let it dry and then it’s safe to peel off the stars.

The video girl painted her stars with gold puffy paint, and she brushed on modge podge mixed with glitter, to add a bit of sparkle to the galaxy. These make a really fun project for kids, teens and adults.  Plus, with 4 alternative ways everyone can find something to try.  Check it out and enjoy!

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