Mom Confronts This Dog About Who Made The Mess. He Responds By Ratting and Pointing Out The Culprit!

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At the :30 seconds mark, I totally lost it! Abby the French bulldog was having quite the time with a roll of toilet paper when her family was away, but she didn’t take into account that her friend Turner the giant bull mastiff would rat her out. She probably thought he was on her team and on the same time, and maybe Turner even helped her make the mess.

But when faced with judgment day and unrelenting pressure from his mama, Turner turns on Abby and blames the whole thing on her in the most hysterical way. Of course, by the look on Turner’s and Abby’s faces, I think I just might believe the huge bull mastiff.

From the beginning, Abby looks guilty. A long trail of toilet paper lays strewn behind her, ending in a garland around her little neck. The look in her eyes screams guilt, and she seems to realize she’s not going to get away with it this time. When the camera shifts to Turner, Abby just might have been hoping he would take the fall, but no such luck.

When asked, “Who did this, Turner?” the mastiff is hesitant. She was probably thinking about how much flack she was going to receive from the little one once their people weren’t around anymore. But Turner only hesitated for a second, before begrudgingly throwing poor Abby under the bus.

Pointing with her paw, the mastiff looks down in shame as she avoids trouble for herself, but becomes a snitch in the process. No one likes a snitch, and I can’t imagine Abby is any different. Once her only witness turns on her, Abby has no choice but to admit what she has done. With a look of guilt and shame, the bulldog hangs her head and tells the truth in the process.

Watch the video below and enjoy!

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