She Walks Onto The Floor. But When The Music Starts This Unexpected Surprise Made My Jaw Drop!

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Watching a talented dancer at the top of their game perform is amazing and electrifying, when it is a dance form that is particular to a culture, that we are unaccustomed to witnessing.  It not only entertains, but invites us into a particular ritual that represents an aspect of  that culture, which has existed for centuries.

In the video you are about to watch below, you are about to view a beautiful Tahitian dancer, Melanie Amen, perform the traditional dance for women known as  the “Hura”.  Much of the movement of this dance occurs in the hip area in ways that seem incomprehensible,  she is one of the world’s most outstanding dancers of this art form.

Surprisingly, this 19-year-old pro at this Tahitian dance, is actually from Stockton, California.  She began dancing as a tiny toddler and was competing in this dance form by the age of five!  Traveling to compete against native Tahitians, she beat over a dozen finalists in the Ori Tahiti Nui World Dance Championship in Tahiti.

The footage you are about to watch will show you why this young woman is such a star; this competition occurred in California, where once again she took FIRST PLACE!  Watching her is is hard to believe that the human body is capable of such intricate and exotic movement!

Watch and enjoy the performance below! Let us know what you think!

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