Mom Introduces The Baby Lions To The Pride Now Watch What The Giant Male Lion Does.

I have seen a great deal of footage of animals in the wild, but this one truly stands out.  It gives us a close up glimpse and profound explanation of what a mother lion goes through,
in first protecting her cubs as newborns and then introducing them into the “pride” (the local extended community of lions). For seven weeks after birth, the fiercely protective mother hides her cubs, who are initially blind, and only comes to see them to feed them.

When it is finally time to introduce them to the “pride” she does so with great trepidation.  As lions are only  a slightly socialized breed, the cubs must be presented so that they are sensed as family rather than food.  The “kings of the jungle” (the adult males) present the greatest risk to the cubs. This video captures the facial expressions of the mother as she presents the cubs to the adult male of this “pride”.

She is helpless to ensure her cubs safety.  With bated breath she and we watch in anticipation of whether the “king” will accept these cubs as part of his family.  If he doesn’t he will destroy them, because his instinct is to protect his family.  Statistically, only 1 in 8 male cubs will survive the scrutiny of the King of the Jungle.

Watch as you see the outcome of this breathtaking interaction, between these majestic animals.  Let us know your thoughts and feelings about this outstanding footage. I truly am in awe of nature it is absolutely so majestic!

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