This Mom Is Recording Her Children When She Notices Something Terrifying! This Is Scary!

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When I gave birth to my children I followed all the child safety prescriptions to make my home “child-proof”.  Although, you can’t assure 100% safety, as accidents do occur, there are many things that are 100% preventable.

What you are about to hear about in the video below, was something I had never heard of when, my now grown children, were young.  I am really shaken by what I heard and saw on this footage, but it is something that should be seen by every parent, grandparent and really any person who ever have young children in their homes.

As my kids were growing up, I always joke that every time they moved I was there with the video camera.  So it was for the Walla family.  Mom, Nicky was filming her younger twins eating cereal off their walker trays, when suddenly the camera pans over to the window and you hear her let out a blood curdling scream.  Nicky sees her toddler son, Gavin, hanging from the window blind cord!  She ran to his rescue in time to save him.

Gavin is now in high school; he and his parents agreed to post this horrific video, since it had a happy ending, but more importantly for prevention purposes.  In watching this entire footage you will hear parents who were not as lucky, and about an industry that has been extremely negligent, when cordless, inexpensive blinds are available and ready for sale.  You will hear about what progress has been made, in terms of major retailers pledging to stop the sale of corded blinds, but that is still 3 years away!  Be sure to watch this story to the very end, so that you can ensure the safety of your and others’ children!

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