She Moves Into a Home and Finds Flowers On Her Porch Everyday. After 3 Weeks She Realizes Why..

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Moving into a new house is just as exciting as it is stressful.  There’s so much to get done, but once you’re finished you can finally relax in your new surroundings and meet the neighbors.  There seems to always be neighborhood characters and little quirks that are unique to each location, and as time goes on you start to notice little things about your new place.  

For one woman in the UK named Rosie, a strange occurrence kept happening after she moved into her new house.  Pretty little pink flowers were regularly appearing on her porch seemingly out of nowhere. There were no matching flowers in her garden or on her property and the only explanations she could think of, such as the wind blowing them to the same spot time and again, just didn’t add up.  

Miffed at the whole thing, Rosie kept an eye out for a possible secret admirer and went about her business. Time went by and the flowers kept coming, there was a new one every couple of days.  Then one evening Rosie was cooking dinner when she noticed a movement on her front porch.

It was the neighbor’s cat, Willow, coming up with a pink flower in her mouth! The sweet kitty had been bringing her floral presents the whole time and now Rosie had witnessed it and knew the truth behind the mystery. Rosie had met Willow when she first moved in but had no idea the cat held her in such high regards.  

It turns out that Willow likes to go around to all the neighbors and visit them, but Rosie is the only one she brings flowers to.  Now that the two are closer, Rosie gives her extra special attention and treats. She even lets her in the house where Willow loves to curl up and nap on the couch.  

This is one cat who knows how to win hearts over! Enjoy the video below!

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