Video: Newborn Pitbull Puppy Was About To Die. But Then This Cat Did Something Unbelievable!

A one day old puppy was found abandoned, fly covered, and all alone in a garage. With no mother around and no time to spare the baby pit bull mix was brought to the Animal Protective League Shelter in Cleveland, Ohio. Upon the little black and white puppies arrival an assembled team treating him had to quickly determine what his best options for recovery were. They decided to try and place him with a stray cat who had just given birth two days earlier at the shelter. The two were carefully introduced and almost immediately the mama cat sniffed and nuzzled the tiny dog. Her affection and acceptance were clear and from then on the puppy had a new mother.

The video clip here shows the happy part of this incredible story. Noland, the puppy, and his feline mother, Lurlene, can be seen snuggling together along with the other four now-sibling-kittens. They look so warm and cozy all curled up in one big fur ball. It is a touching testament to the love and affection that a mother has for her babies and for ones she adopts. The maternal instinct seems to know no boundaries for this mama cat. She lovingly took in a puppy right beside her own kittens, watching over and nurturing them all.

The cutest part of the video is when the foster mother/volunteer is feeding Noland and Lurlene is right by her side watching over her new son. She looks so concerned about him and like she wants to be part of the additional feeding that the growing puppy needs. When she licks and paws at him while he is in the lap of the volunteer it seems like she is saying to her new baby ‘I’m right here, don’t worry.’ It melted my heart to see that!

Update to this story: Noland’s mother was found chained, emaciated and too scared to care for her puppy and the owner was convicted of animal neglect. Noland thrived and stayed with his new cat family in a foster home until he was too big whereupon he was placed with puppy litter. All the cats and dogs were eventually adopted, even Noland’s mother. The story got the shelter national attention and won them a Petco Foundation Grant worth $25,000. All this because one mother cat’s love for a puppy in need.

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