Nobody Showed Up To THIS Boy’s Birthday. So Chuck E. Cheese Proceeds To Do THIS!

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When you are a kid your birthday is probably the most important day of the year. There is no better feeling than being with your family and friends, celebrating your life and of course bringing you presents and delicious cake! These memories can last a lifetime especially for younger children. The parties depending on the parents or the person can have big time preparation and can take a lot of time to make sure every detail is perfect.

In today’s story we are featuring a little 4-year-old boy named Evan and his mom Angel. Mom had planned on having Evan’s birthday at Chuck E. Cheese a favorite pizza place of many youngsters and a hot spot for little kid birthday parties. Mama got everything prepped from candy, to cake, balloons birthday cakes and the invitations…

30 invitations were sent out and finally the big birthday came around. Evan was so excited he couldn’t contain himself and wanted to head off to Chuck E. Cheese early and hang out before the party began. His mom was more than happy to bring him and wait for his little buddies to arrive. He was jus bursting with happiness and pleasure and couldn’t wait to celebrate! They got to the place, and sat down at the table as Evan stared at the daughter with anticipation for his friends to come.

The clock kept ticking and nobody was showing up. Evan tried to put on a brave face and so did his mom but her heart was breaking for her little boy. Getting stood up by 30 people at your own birthday party has to be one of the worst things that can ever happen to a little kid. It was a tragic sight and even some of the Chuck E. Cheese employees noticed and could empathize and feel his pain.

Nobody ended up showing up to the party and it was absolutely the saddest thing ever. They ended up leaving and mom tried to explain it to her son in a way that would make him feel okay. Luckily she convinced him and young Evan was okay. One of the employees however, was not alright and decided to take matters into her own hands to try and make it up to the young boy.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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