If You Notice Somone With This Tattoo Behind Their Ear. It Means THIS!

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Having an invisible impairment, became frustrating for this young girl, so she decided to do something humorous about it.  She is completely deaf in one ear, and had grown tired of having to explain that to people.  She came up with a clever fix for this frustration, that would let people know not to talk to her on her left side.

She cleverly got a tattoo, behind her left ear, of a speaker with an ‘X’ next to it!  She posted this image to Imgur, and it has received more than 2.5 million views within one day.  Other people who were deaf in one ear loved her post, and several people copied what she did!  Seems like she started an effective and humorous trend.

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Featured in the video that you are about to watch below is a somewhat different, yet related, story about the father of a deaf young daughter.  She has been lucky enough to receive a cochlear implant to enable some hearing.  However, her sensitive and loving dad didn’t want her to feel odd, so he decided to get a tattoo so she wouldn’t feel alone…Watch and see!

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