She Notices Her Pups Sleeping In Their House, Turns On The Camera and Gets an Unexpected Surprise

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Our pet companions do all sorts of adorable things that make us laugh and smile. Their antics are what endears them to us and our lives definitely wouldn’t be nearly as happy or enjoyable without them around!

Dogs seem to be especially comedic in nature, they’re always surprising their owners and doing hilarious things. Even when they’re getting into trouble, going through the trash, or running away and being bad, they somehow manage to retain their innocence and cuteness!

Thankfully for Gretchen Hoey her dogs are well-behaved, but that doesn’t make them any less funny. She was searching around the house for her Basset Hounds one day when she stumbled upon them clowning around. They had all managed to somehow cram their stout little bodies into one of their dog houses on the porch and when Gretchen got closer they all jumped up and began pouring out.

One by one they exited the Dogloo and they just kept coming. It’s like the canine version of a clown car! By the end of it all she counts them and it turns out that five of her Basset Hounds had squeezed into the one little dog house. It doesn’t even seem physically possible, but with dogs, anything’s possible!

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