She Notices a Wet Dog Carrying a Sack During The Hurricane! Then She Trails Him To His Unexpected Final Destination!

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Hurricane Harvey left a path of destruction through Texas so devastating nobody ever could’ve expected it. It was not only a Category 4 storm but it was the first big hurricane to hit Texas in over 40 years! There were 68 people who didn’t make it through the storm and lost their lives. It also left so much wildlife and domestic animals stranded and many of these animals didn’t make it through the storm either. There was an average of around 40 inches of rain and in some locations the rain peaked out at 60 inches! This level of water height and damage had never been seen before in Texas and the damage it left behind 125 – 130 billion dollars of damage which was about the same amount that Hurricane Katrina left in 2005.

Even with all the warnings, the residents of south Texas could never be prepared for the devastation that would occur. It was just unthinkable that a storm could hit southern Texas with this much damage and intensity considering a major Hurricane hadn’t hit the area since 1970. While many evacuated, some people actually stayed in their homes, stocked up on supplies and tried to ride out the storm.

One of these people who stayed in her home was a woman named Tiele Dockens. She waited till the worst of the storm passed, walked outside of her home to figure out how bad the damage to her property and the rest of her neighborhood was. While she was out she noticed something quite strange in the distance. At first with all the commotion from the storm she wasn’t sure if she was imagining or hallucinating this, but she slowly walked towards what she spotted and realized this was no hallucination. There was a wet dog carrying some kind of bag or sack and he looked like a pup on mission determined to get to his final destination.

She slowly trailed behind the dog, keeping enough distance so that she wouldn’t spook the pup. Then she realized the sack he was carrying was a giant back of dog food and kibble. This highly intelligent pup somehow found himself a fresh bag of dog food and was just walking through the streets of Texas casually. She snapped a quick photo of the dog carrying his bag of food through the ravaged neighborhood and it quickly went viral. Racking up thousands of likes and shares in just a few hours.

She found out the dog’s name is Otis and he is not a stray. He has a nice loving home, but somehow got it during the storm, made his way to a lumberyard about a mile away, sniffed out the bag of food and decided to stock up just like his human counterparts were. Otis instantly became an internet star and a local superstar overnight!

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