It Seems Like A Normal Leaf Pile But Keep Your Eyes On The Center For An Unexpected Surprise!

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It oftentimes turns out that the things which bring us the most joy in life are relatively simple. One such simple joy is playing in a massive pile of leaves. It’s easily one the most fun things that a child, adult, or dog can ever do in the fall. There is just something wonderful about leaping up in the air and crashing down into a pile of soft, crunchy, crinkly old leaves.

If the pile is large enough it can even swallow you whole, and popping out of them is just as fun as going in! It’s like leaf piles were meant to be played in, they are the perfect material for building up and jumping into, and act like a natural cushion. Humans are not the only creatures who love frolicking in leaves. Dogs are especially up for a romp through them as well, like this adorable yellow lab named Stella.

She is having a blast in the clip, ripping through the piles and jumping into them without hesitation, like a leaf diving professional. When her human companion throws a toy into them she bolts after it, searching through and disappearing under the masses of crunchy leaves over and over again.

She looks so darn cute when her head pops up out of the leaves. It looks like she is smiling even with the ball in her mouth! Stella is proof of the fact that fun and games just don’t get tiring when you’re outdoors playing in the cool, crisp autumn leaves and air. She’s one cute and energetic lab who knows how to make the most of what she has to play with.

Of course, the one thing everyone should be on the look out for when leaf pile jumping is dog poo (and sticks). They can get raked up with the leaves and no one wants to jump into a tainted pile. All the more reason to pick up after pets, or to train them to do their business in specific areas that are not on the lawn.

Once you dodge the poo problem, you’re set to jump into a pile of what can be aptly be described as heaven. Bombs away!

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